The Benazir Mazdoor Card for Beneficiaries New Update 2024

Benir Card

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Mazdoor Card was launched by the Pakistan Peoples Party to help workers meet their basic needs. The program helps alleviate poverty and improve livelihoods by providing financial assistance to workers and the poor.

The main purpose of issuing the BISP Mazdoor Card is to help employees meet their basic needs. This program was launched by the Pakistan People’s Party and they announced that only workers can use this card if they have not Registered and don’t know how to register, now we show you the entire process if you want to complete it. You can complete the whole registration process at home by reading and following this article.

Get Yourself Register Online

Individuals can register for a BISP Mazdoor Card online from the comfort of their homes. After successful registration, beneficiaries will receive a monthly payment of PKR 10,500 from the Government of Pakistan to meet their financial needs.

How to Check the Status and Eligibility in 2024?

Beneficiaries can check their eligibility by sending their TR ID Cards to 8171. Once approved, they will be informed via SMS about their eligibility and payment information. Fees can be collected from the office.

If you have registered for this program and now want to check your eligibility, you can visit your nearest business office and register for the program if you are eligible for the BISP 8171 Mazdoor Card Program. After confirming your subscription, all you have to do is wait for the SMS to 8171 informing you when the payment will arrive. You can then go to the nearest tehsil office to collect your payment. Many agencies will take you to collect your payment.


What are the Criteria to make yourself Eligible?

To be eligible for the BISP Mazdoor Card, applicants must meet certain conditions:

  • Belonging to a low-income group or poor family.
  • The monthly salary varies between PKR 20,000 and PKR 25,000.
  • None of the family members should be government employees or work abroad.
  • Get a National Identity Card recognized by NADRA.
  • In Pakistan, the land area does not exceed two acres.

Benazir Income Support Card (BISP) Phases:

The BISP Mazdoor Card Program was implemented in three phases:

  • Funding: The government allocated funds to the program to enroll more families.
  • Expanded Eligibility: Previously ineligible Families may apply to the program.
  • Card distribution: Eligible families will be issued BISP Mazdoor cards that provide comprehensive coverage and support.

The BISP Mazdoor Card Program reflects the government’s commitment to encouraging communities to work and reduce poverty. The mission aims to support the weaker sections of society and promote sustainable business by providing financial services and improving the registration process.

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